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Blue Jay Comfort Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter – Plethysmograph, Oxygen Finger Meter, SpO2 Device for Blood Oxygen Saturation Level Reading, Respiratory Aid

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Easy to Carry Blue Jay Comfort Finger Tip Plethysmograph The Blue Jay Comfort Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter shows your measured SpO2 and pulse rate values on a high-quality LED one-way display. Versatile. the Sp02 pulse oximeter can be use by both adult and pediatric patients. This medical accessory is convenient to use – thanks to the rubber coating. Portable. the oxygen monitor can be use for on-the-spot checking of oxygen saturation level. An excellent energy-saving device. this plethysmograph shuts down itself when in an idle state. The bigger display improves the readability of your measurements dramatically.

* Oxygen Saturation Monitor by Blue Jay

* Non-invasive

* Portable and lightweight

* Spot-check oxygen any time

* Automatically turns off in an idle state 

* Clear rubber foot for excellent grip

* Hypoallergenic Reliable and Accurate Superior Sp02 and Pulse Rate accuracy.

This standard pulse oximeter can be use by health professionals and doctors. The oximeter can be use to check the pulse rate of pediatric and adult patients. Brighter and larger LED display makes reading really easy.

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