Squeeze 4 Strength 3 oz. Hand Therapy Putty Blue Firm


Blue Jay Squeeze 4 Strength Hand Therapy Putty – 3 OZ, Blue, Firm, Hand Exerciser, Grip Strength Training for Physical Therapy, Squishy Stress Busters, Hand Strengtheners

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Hand Strengthener and Exerciser by Blue Jay – Relieve your Stress and Anxiety, 3 OZ, Blue, Firm This hand exerciser is perfectly suited for the wrist, hand and finger strengthening therapies. The therapy putty is considered as the best method for self-treatment and rehabilitation for any kind of injuries. These grip strengtheners are now more commonly being used as the stress relievers as they help in reducing the anxieties. Blue Jay Therapy Putty is Ideal for:Advanced hand grip strength Finger exercise training Exercise of arm muscles General Wellness Benefits of Using Hand Squeezer Stronger hands Excellent therapy for feet as well Non-toxic, non-oily and non-greasy

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