Semi-Solid Ankle Foot Orthosis Drop Foot Brace Medium Left


Blue Jay Semi-Solid Ankle Foot Orthotic Insert – Medium Left Drop Foot Brace, Treatment Braces, Heel Spurs, Leg and Foot Supports

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Semi-Solid Ankle Foot Orthosis Drop Foot Brace Medium Left

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AFO Drop Foot Brace by Blue Jay – Ankle/Foot Orthosis SupportBlue Jay Ankle Orthosis Drop Foot Brace has been crafted to provide better dorsiflexion assist and enhanced medial-lateral control for patients suffering from flat/unstable foot. The AFO drop foot brace is perfect for people with very less ability to raise the foot at ankle joint. The ankle brace helps in managing ankle/foot anomalies, and provide superior rigidity to control mild extensor spasticity.
Foot Treatment Brace for: Muscular/Neurological disorders (muscular dystrophy, polio) Nerve injury (knee replacement, post knee surgery, leg crossing) Spinal cord disorder (stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy) (2nd Image is not available) Leg and Foot Supports: Helps manage ankle/foot anomalies Assists dorsiflexion problems Supports unstable ankles Better rigidity


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