Diabetic Socks White Bx/2 pr M 11-13 Size Large


Diabetic Socks Blue Jay White Diabetic Socks –Large Small, Box with 2 Pair, Men’s Crew Socks, Comfortable High Calf Socks, Improves Blood Circulation, Socks with Cotton Stretch, Socks and Insoles

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Blue jay presents High-Quality, Comfortable Diabetic Socks. Size – L (Men 11-13) Not everyone who is suffering from diabetes are required to wear these diabetic socks. Diabetic patients suffering from decreased pedal pulses, regular changes in color and temperature of the feet, nerve damage, low sensation in legs or who encounter frequent leg injuries should switch to these comfortable circulatory socks.These medical socksreduce your risk of getting injured and improved the blood circulation in your legs and foot.

These socks are made with soft cotton and are non-elastic to provide you a perfect fit. The non-binding crew sockseliminates the chances of restricting the nerve blood flow and provides maximum comfort. The Blue Jay’s diabetic socksare recommended by the physicians to patients who are suffering from swollen feet or circulatory problems to prevent further damage. Diabetic Socks Benefits Protects from friction rubs, blisters and ulcers Protects sensitive pressure points Cushion the feet from injury and rubbing Confirms to the feet without being constricting Comfortable Cotton Socks Soft cotton provides comfort and ensures finest fit Do not contain tight irritating elastic fibers Fight odor and bacterial infection

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