Large Adult BP Cuff-Complete for BJ120120 BP unit


Blue Jay Large Adult BP Cuff – 8.6″ – 16.5″,Compatible with BJ120120 BP Machine, Upper Arm Cuff, Accurate BP Monitoring, Medical Supplies

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The Perfect Fit Arm Cuff for Measuring Blood Pressure Precisely Blue Jay presents you a reliable and durable blood pressure gauge that fits the arm of an adult easily. The black manual blood pressure cuff is impeccably designed with a large circumference range between 8.6 in. – 16.5 in. This cuff is made to fit the large arm sizes giving a perfect fit. Unlike most of the blood pressure gauge and cuffs. it features a D ring which helps you to assess your BP
easily without any professional assistance. Comfort and convenience are guaranteed with this product. Also. the directions to wrap the cuff around the arms are imprinted on the cuff itself. This is a perfect replacement for an arm cuff which is compatible with Blue Jay Blood Pressure monitoring machine of model no.BJ120120. Upper Arm Cuff for Adults Large size arm cuff for BP monitoring Versatile cuff can be used by both adult men and women BP arm cuff is compatible with BJ120120 BP machine Advantages of using Large Adult BP Cuff Features a D ring for self-assessment Easily fits the arms with circumference range 8.6”-16.5”Ensures comfortable and convenient use

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