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Blue Jay Comfort n’ Support Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion – Black (14” x 13”x 4”), Adjustable Cushion Straps, Relieves Back Pain, Maintains Posture, Bed Pillows & Positioners.

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Blue Jay’s Lumbar Cushion – Designed to Support your Spine and Posture.

Blue Jay’s memory foam lumbar cushionhelps to relieve you from your back tightness. pressure. and pain. It is a supportive pillowthat aligns your back while gently protecting and strengthening your muscles. The mesh fabric cover of the support cushion is hypoallergenic and breathable to ensure moisture absorbance and heat resistance. The cushion is adjustable as well. you can easily position the backrest in any position you want by adjusting the dual adjustable straps without sliding the cushion. The lightweight support pillowcan be easily carry anywhere – whether at work. in office. home or while traveling. This is an orthopedic physician approve ideal comfort cushionfor pregnant women. people suffering from piriformis. lumbosacral spondylosis. fibromyalgia and more. Ideal comfort and support for your back lumbar area Contoured design re-aligns your back and posture Promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tension Alleviates the pain. fatigue of lumbar and vertebra area Orthopedic physician approved back support cushion Ergonomically Designed Lumbar Cushion Breathable mesh fabric cover for absorbing moisture Memory foam conforms to your lower back to provide support Dual adjustable straps for right positioning Can be used in office. home. cars. airplanes. etc.

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