Blue Jay Adjustable Ankle Wrap Black Small 7 -8


*Color: black
* Designed to provide customized support to help relieve pain and provide further protection from injury
* Adjustable strap for a customized level of support
* Fits comfortably inside shoes
* Can be worn on left or right foot
* Knitted elastic
* Size: small (fits ankle circumference 7 – 8 )

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Blue Jay Adjustable Ankle Support Wrap combines comfort and support to relieve pain and swelling. Featuring an ergonomic design that wraps around comfortably all over the foot, this thermoskin adjustable ankle wrap prevents foot injury from developing further.

It treats pain and swelling by providing optimum heat and promoting blood circulation. The thermoskin elastic ankle wrap does not restrict movement, such as walking, sitting, or standing.

With a form-fitting and ergonomic design, this wrap fits comfortably inside a shoe. You can even wear a sock over it due to its low-profile form. Its versatile design allows you to wear it on your left or right foot. It has knitted elastic for flexibility and movement. The ankle support has a small size, which fits an ankle circumference of 7”-8”.

The ankle support wrap comes in a superior black shade and easily wearable design. You can wear and remove it just like a standard sock.

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