Blue Jay Adjustable Ankle Wrap Black Medium 8 -9


* Color: black
* Designed to provide customized support to help relieve pain and provide further protection from injury
* Adjustable strap for a customized level of support
* Fits comfortably inside shoes
* Can be worn on left or right foot
* Knitted elastic
* Size: medium (fits ankle circumference 8 – 9) 

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Blue Jay Adjustable Ankle Wrap provides light and flexible support to the ankle so that you can carry on with your daily activities. It relieves and helps recover from ankle swelling, pain, injury, or edema.  The ankle support for fractures also helps combat the pain borne out of arthritis. Moreover, it helps prevent pain or injury from further developing by keeping the ankle muscles in their place.

Its knitted elastic offers flexibility without restricting any movement. Enabling a wearer to walk, lightly run, stand, or sit without pain. With a low-profile design, this medicate ankle wrap can be worn under a sock and fit comfortably in a shoe.

There is an adjustable strap on the strap that promises a customized and optimal fit on the ankle, and further allows you to adjust the compression.

The ankle wrap can be worn on either the left or right, thanks to its smart design. It is available in medium size and fits comfortably on the ankles that are 8” – 9” in size. It comes in a jet black shade.

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