Blue Jay Adj Sports Shoulder Universal


The Blue Jay Adjustable Sports Shoulder is designed to offer a controlled range of motion and support for instabilities in shoulder during muscle strain. Post-injury or post-operation, this shoulder support controls the movement of the shoulder and stabilize it for a speedy recovery. Plus, its adjustable utility enables wearing it on shoulders of any size.

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Flexible yet supportive, the Blue Jay Thermal Advanced Shoulder Support wraps around the chest and restricts shoulder movements to a minimum.

Specifically designed for patients who have incurred an injury or have gone through an operation, this shoulder support is an ideal choice to stabilize hand movement and increase the chance of recovery.

The benefits of this adjustable sports shoulder support are:

  • Provides shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion
  • Ideal for use during shoulder AC separations and muscle strains
  • Restricts movements of shoulder post-injury or post-operation
  • Reusable and washable medical supply that is built to last
  • Hook and loop fastening closure for easy wearing and removal
  • Low profile manufacturing enables wearing under clothes
  • Universal size with easy adjustment utility that fits all
  • Can be worn on the left or the right shoulder

This foldable accessory improves the chances of faster recovery of dislocated, sprained, or operated shoulder. The one-size-fits-all shoulder support is manufactured from thermally efficient material that retains heat and circulates it all around the shoulder for pain relief and faster recovery.

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