Shoehorn Plastic 18 Light Blue Blue Jay Brand


*Put shoes on with ease with this durable plastic shoehorn
* Features a hanging hole for easy storage and hanging
* Comes in assorted colors
* 18 in length

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Blue Jay Long Shoe Horn is a simple and straightforward accessory designed to assist during shoe-wearing. Its long handle makes slipping on shoes effortless. This long handled shoe horn features an 18” long handle, which prevents the need to bend too much for slipping on the shoes.

The plastic shoe horn is manufactured from quality plastic material for durability and a smooth finish. Its sturdy material does not break easily and does not snag on socks. Plus, it is very easy to clean, store, and manage. One of the best shoe horns on the market, this one has a dedicated hole to hang it on a hook for easy reachability.

Ideal for patients who need reach assistance or recovering from hip or knee injuries. Our shoe horn comes in assorted colors. Also, it is extremely lightweight and designed specifically for easier handling of the product. This shoe horn has a thin and smooth form-factor for aiding in pain- and effort-free shoe wearing.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 1 in


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